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KSW Bioenergie GmbH (KSW) is a privately owned technology company with its head office in Wachtberg near Bonn, Germany. A central topic of its activities is Biomass-to-Energy. The company has spent substantial resources in developing an efficient process for the generation of electricity from biogenic waste and residues.

In KSW Climate Protection Plants with its patented technology – the KSW-Process® – can produced power with an impressive electrical efficiency of approx. 40% as a CO2-neutral baseload energy. Furthermore heat, real CO2-neutral  biofuels (e.g. bio-OME) as a one-to-one diesel substitue and optionally haydrogen are produced. The overall efficiency is approx. 85 %

The technology is based on the use of dry and wet residual biomass and waste products as feedstock for power production. It combines a separate pyrolytic and gasification process of the feedstock in two separate and sequential stages. Even though the sequential pyrogasification process and the modification of the low-speed two-stroke marine dieselengine represents a new technological configuration, the entire plant design utilizes well proven and established technologies.

The management team has a long track record in successfully executing the engineering, procurement, construction and approval procedures for more than 70 cogeneration and biomass-based power plants over the last 30 years. Management team has a recognized reputation. Amongst others it was responsible for designining the biomass based energy supply systeml for the Federal Chancellery (Bundeskanzleramt) and the assembly buildings of the German Parliament.

One of the shareholders, Mr. Arno Schneider, was among others one of the five experts in the expert committee for the bill on the energy supply of the government district in Berlin with biomass

KSW is a member of the DIN technical committee for the standardization of OME as a standard fuel (DIN 51699).

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