A.H.T. Syngas Technology N.V.

Typical Array of an A.H.T. Installation for Heat and Power Generation

Welcome Message from Mr Gero Ferges, CEO of A.H.T.

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A.H.T. Syngas Technology N.V. delivers, engineers and erects biomass power plants from 200 kWel to 15 MWel based on wood, biomasses and waste. A.H.T. descends from Deutz AG founded by Nikolaus A. Otto, inventor of the gas Otto-engine. Based on this history, A.H.T. continuously improved its technology and installed numerous power generation systems all over the world. The technology bases on the efficient twin-fire gasification principle. Heat-only solutions, e. g., for industrial applications, are also available. Furthermore, A.H.T. offers downstream technologies like hydrogen (H2) separation and hydrothermal carbonisation technologies to utilise sewage sludge, manure, digestates and other wastes.

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